COLUMNA EXPERTS is specialized in providing spine diagnosis through the best specialists in Spain and abroad, in a reliable, ethical and transparent way, as well as convenient and fast.

To ensure the maximum quality of the medical reports, we have gathered the most prestigious spine specialists, each one specialized in different pathologies. This allows us to provide reliable diagnosis for all the pathologies related with the vertebral spine.

COLUMNA EXPERTS’ objective is to provide high quality medical reports related with the spine through the online consultation. This allows you to avoid trips to the doctor’s office, reduces the time spent in the doctor’s office and provides greater patient comfort thanks to flexible scheduling. The medical report will include:

  • An accurate diagnosis of your pathology
  • The prognosis of your case
  • The best treatment possible

In the event that the patient needs surgery, COLUMNA EXPERTS will make all necessary facilities available and provide full services throughout the process (hospital, accommodation, guided tours, etc) for the patient and his/her companions as well.

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    We elaborate high quality reports for patients with all kind of spine problems.