• 26 MAR 14

    18th International ArgoSpine symposium

    Dr. Casamitjana and Dr. Martín were invited to give a speech at the 18th International ArgoSpine symposium due to their great experience and worldwide recognition,which was held on the January 30-31st in Paris.

    ArgoSpine is an Association of European Research Groups for Spinal Osteosynthesis. The prime purpose of ArgoSpine is to promote applied research in spinal surgery. Several actors – namely surgeons, researchers and implant manufacturers – are involved in the three main types of activity of the association (Communication, Training, and Evaluation) lending their expertise for a top-level partnership which allows these orientations to be consolidated and their development fostered. Each activity is tied to a specific committee, an advisory board that coordinates the actions undertaken by the various national groups.

    ArgoSpine annual international meeting gathers 250 to 300 surgeons, allowing them to share views on a given issue with extensive spinal surgery focus.