• 28 MAY 14

    Why coming to Barcelona for medical tourism

    1. Incredible Savings: Depending upon your destination country and the cost of the procedure back home, expect to save at least 50%.

    2. No Wait-Lists: Access to immediate service is what attracts those from countries that have public health care system towards medical tourism.

    3. Excellent Quality: To demonstrate their commitment to quality many hospitals, like Teknon, choose to be accredited by organizations such as JCI, JCAHO and ISO or local accrediting organizations.

    4. World-Class Facilities: We offer luxurious accommodation, private spacious rooms, and access to hospitality services 24×7.

    5. Access to Latest Technology: The technology and equipments used are the latest and the greatest.

    6. Surgeon Expertise: We have gathered the most prestigious specialists, each one specialized in different pathologies.

    7. Traveling opportunities: While the primary motivation for most customers is affordable high quality surgery, the opportunity to visit exotic destinations is an additional draw for some. Barcelona is a great city to visit.