• 02 AUG 13

    Dr. Martin operates on a herniated disc Francisco Camps

    After leaving Hospital Doctor Peset of Valencia where he was operated on for a herniated disc, The President of the Generalitat, Francisco Camps, said that although he now needs to rest and take care “a little more” he will be able to follow both the government and the electoral campaign from his home and office. Camps was speaking to reporters just minutes after he left the hospital walking to his car accompanied by the Minister of Health, Manuel Cervera, and the medical team that had participated in his surgery, led by Dr. Antonio Martin.

    Francisco Camps was operated on last Wednesday morning for a herniated disk in acute phase that was diagnosed a few weeks ago and has impeded on his official agenda for almost a month. “I went in with a herniated disc and now I am leaving on my own two feet. I think that says it all,” said the president who has never had surgery before. He also says that from now on he will obey the doctors’ orders.

    The Executive Chief has also shown Valencia a “desire” to recover the pulse of the election campaign, but noted that during Easter and Passover, “I will recover to the fullest. I have to rest and take care a little more,” added Camps, who explained that from home and the office, “I can still be aware of both the Government and the election.”

    The head of the Spine Trauma Unit at Doctor Peset, Antonio Martin, explained that he believes that Camps will recover and that in two or three weeks his volume of activity may be back to “one hundred percent,” but for three months he can not play sports inorder to preserve the disk and ensure that it heals properly. The physician added that for one or two weeks Francisco Camps will require “a change of the activity that is used to.”

    Martin explained that the president had a ruptured disc that had a fragment in the output of the root of the spine, between the third and fourth lumbar vertebrae, which caused him a lot of pain. Initially he received treatment based on corticosteroids and some infiltration, but it did not relieve the pain. According to Martin, who indicated that what worried him most and motivated the surgery was that his condition was, “Beginning to present a fault condition on muscle function and root sensory. This indicated that there could be a paresis at the same time, which is why we recommend that he had to have a decompression surgery performed by removing the fragmented disk,” he stated.

    Camps expressed his gratitude, “What a special day for my family and me.” Both the media and the medical team treated him well, “All working with Doctor Peset serving an exceptional public health system I’ve had the opportunity to see in person. We can be very proud of them all.” The president of the Generalitat has said he will be “obedient” to the doctor because, “He did an extraordinarily exceptional job. I never had surgery before, and this was an operation where they open you from the back, and it is very delicate,” said Camps. He added, “We have to pay attention to what the doctors are telling us from the beginning.”

    “EL PAIS” – 15 Apr 2011