• What DISEASES do the Columna Experts specialists treat?

    Among all specialists that work for COLUMNA EXPERTS absolutely all treatments related with Spine pathologies in addition to other treatments, among which are the following:

    Deficit syndromes and / or painful

    • Herniated Discs
    • Cervical radiculopathy and lumbar spine


    • Scoliosis
    • Kyphosis
    • Kyphoscoliosis


    • Whiplash
    • Ligamentous instabilities
    • Fractures
    • Neurological injuries or spinal cord injuries


    • Lower back pain or lumbago
    • Sciatica
    • Dizziness / vertigo
    • Parsonage-Turner syndrome
    • Thoracic outlet syndrome, also called thoracic outlet syndrome
    • Arnold Chiari Malformation
  • Why do we recommend a SECOND OPINION?

    Maybe your doctor has told you that you have a problem with the spine or nervous system and has recommended the opinion of an expert, or maybe the treatment that he has offered you does not convince you, or you might just want to ensure that you have been diagnosed correctly and want to verify it with the COLUMNA EXPERTS specialists.

    Spine problems are sometimes treated surgically, and since it is a high-risk surgery, getting a second opinion from the best spine specialists increases the chances of having a more accurate diagnosis to select the best treatment.

  • Is the online consultation RELIABLE ?

    Absolutely. We collaborate with the best spine specialists to perform a high quality report. If the specialists need more tests to get an accurate diagnosis, we will contact you to ask you for the tests they need (MRI, X-rays, etc.).

    Although an online examination is not as effective as a physical examination, it is an additional tool that together with diagnostic tests already performed or subsequently requested by doctors will allow the specialists working for COLUMNA EXPERTS to write a report that is as accurate as possible.

    COLUMNA EXPERTS will provide an accurate and detailed diagnosis, but please remember that it will be based only on evidence provided by the patient, and will not replace the consultation meetings. A medical examination performed by a specialist will also be necessary to obtain a detailed assessment before making any medical decisions.

  • What will I get in my REPORT?

    COLUMNA EXPERTS will send you a full report which will include a summary of the patient’s medical record from the data provided, the expert opinion on the process of diagnosis, treatment and prognosis, as well as recommendations that the specialists may suggest to improve the patient’s situation.

  • How soon will I get my report?

    In less than seven working days, the specialist will send a report with his diagnosis or the information for additional testing (MRI, X-rays, etc.) needed to provide an accurate diagnosis.

    This period may be altered if specialists have a high workload (presentation of research papers, attending conferences, etc.) making it impossible to give a high quality report.

  • What if the experts cannot give me a diagnosis?

    In the event that the spine specialisists cannot give a diagnosis with the evidence provided and the responses provided through the online questionnaire, we will contact you to tell you what additional tests require specialists to carry out their report to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

  • What happens if I need spine surgery?

    If that is the case, the COLUMNA EXPERTS specialists will indicate what kind of surgery is the most appropriate for you, explaining everything in detail to resolve any doubts that may arise. Then they can either recommend a spine surgeon to you in your country, or we can organize the surgery in Spain.

  • What if I want the best spine specialist in my city?

    Often patients who need an operation prefer that the surgeon will come to their city to perform the procedure.

    Once our spine expert has reviewed your case, Columna Experts will make the arragements for the specialist to come to the patient’s city.

    If the surgeon cannot come to my city, could you recommend a spine specialist in my city?

    In that case, after the assessment of your case by the COLUMNA EXPERTS specialist, we would recommend the most appropriate specialist for your case in your city, or the closest city to yours.

  • Questions related to PRICES and PAYMENT METHODS

    What is the PRICE of the online consultation?

    The price is 250€. This includes the completion of the report and the return of all the medical tests that you might have sent to us.

    * In the event that the surgeons need additional information or medical evidence, there would be no additional charge by Experts Column.

    How do I make the PAYMENT?

    You can do so by credit card, debit, or by using your PayPal account.

    Is the payment secure?

    Absolutely. We work with PayPal because in addition to offering various payment options, it is fast, easy and secure.

    What if I could not complete the payment?

    If for any reason you could not pay, you should send an email to Columna Experts at the following email address and we will contact you.


    What if I do not have credit card?

    If you do not have a credit card for payment, please note it in the questionnaire.

    This way we will send you an email with the bank details so you can make the payment by bank transfer.

  • Questions related to MEDICAL TESTS

    What medical tests need specialists to give me a second opinion?

    In addition to the online questionnaire, it is recommended that you send all the tests you may have had done (MRI, X-rays, analysis, etc.) so the specialist can evaluate them. If the specialist thinks additional tests are needed, we will contact you as soon as possible stating why the additional tests are needed and where you can have them done.

    Where do I send my medical tests?

    In case you have a CD with the X-ray tests or physical, you can send it all together to the following address:


    Av Diagonal 491, 6 º 1 ª

    08029 – Barcelona (Spain)

    Additionally, it is possible to send these documents in their electronic form with the online consultation. It is important that before you start answering the online questionnaire, you have scanned all the medical tests you have had in order to attach them to your inquierry.

    Will I get my medical tests back?

    Yes. After we have sent the medical report conducted by EXPERTS COLUMN specialists and have verified that it has been correctly received, we will return all the evidence you sent us.

    What if I have no medical evidence and this is my first visit?

    If this is a first review and has no medical proof, the evidence the specialists will need can vary depending on your condition, so when the experts review your case they will indicate which tests should be performed.

  • Questions related to the VERTEBRAL SPINE

    Where does spine pain come from?

    There are many causes that can cause pain in the neck or the rest of the spine. We could classify them as:

    Vertebral causes: these may be from intervertebral disc degeneration or discopatía. In some cases this can be painful, either vertebral fracture vertebra infiltration by tumor or other disease generally by instability , etc .

    • Muscle causes: as muscle spasms, tortócolis , fibromyalgia or muscle tears.
    • Neurological causes generated by having a narrow spinal canal or nerve root compression by herniated disc.
    • Causes not derived from the spine or musculature and cause pain to the spine having originated in another organ such as carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder diseases (tendonitis or bursitis), or diseases of the dome pleural tumor or inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.
    • Non-organic causes: such as stress, high sensitivity to pain, depression, etc.
    • Traumatic causes : such as whiplash or spine fractures .

    When is it necessary to contact a specialist?

    Whenever neck pain lasting more than three days without any relief, or that worsens, if there is preferential nocturnal pain, pain associated with arm pain, loss of sensation and muscle strength, if there is history of cancer, presence associated with fever or night sweats are the indicators that point to the likelihood of significant pathology.

    Why do intervertebral discs degenerate?

    There are many causes that can cause damage to the intervertebral discs such as trauma, chronic illness, etc. Moving the neck at the rate of 600 times per hour, coupled with the long life expectancy and loss of muscle mass as we age are also causes of degenerative intervertebral discs.

    What are the main pathologies in the cervical spine?

    Although there are many diseases that cause neck pain, the most common are braquialgia, cervical pain and cervicobrachialgia.

    Brachialgia: A braquialgia is a pain in the arm, which follows a distribution according to the area of ​​neural network.

    Cervical pain: neck pain is called cervical pain, as its origin in cervical degenerative changes. The cervical vertebrae are moved by a complex of three joints: the disc, located on the anterior, posterior, and the two joints, one at each side. The wear of the disc can be the source of pain and causes of altered mechanical stability, which can also cause pain during movement.

    Cervicobrachialgia: A cervicobrachialgia is the combination of arm pain and cervical spine pain.

    What is Whiplash?

    The syndrome of soft tissue injury, called “whiplash”, it often crashes the back, often when the seat belt is buckled. First the head is flexed and hyperextended with great force beyond its normal range of motion. Affected structures may include muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments and perhaps even the nerve roots.

    Can the neck pain be a symptom of something more serious?

    It may be a symptom of a root compression, spinal tumor or a metastatic or inflammatory joint disease generally. Therefore it is important to seek consultation in a timely manner.

    How are cervical lesions diagnosed?

    Overall adequate medical history and a careful physical examination provided by a specialist, and generally accompanied by study methods like X-ray, or CT scan of the cervical spine and cervical spine MRI fails to detect the most serious problems.

    How are cervical pathologies treated?

    There is not a common treatment for all pathologies. Therefore your surgeon must decide which treatment is best for your case and he will have to explain in detail what it is, the associated risks, recovery time, etc.

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