• 04 SEP 13

    If intramedullary tumor – Dr. Lafuente

    A 51-year-old patient came to the clinic with a 2 -year extension neck pain with upper limb paresthesias in his hands and right leg that worsened with Valsalva movements. A few days before going to the consultation, he had noticed that the pain had gotten worse and spread to his neck. He also had trouble with his balance while walking, so much so that he needed to support himself by leaning on the wall to keep from falling.

    The scan showed some clear signs of myelopathy with high reflexes with hypertonicity in both the upper and lower extremities. The patient underwent a cervical MRI finding a cervical intramedullary tumor of 5 cm in length extending from C1 to C4 (FIG 1).

    The doctor proceed to complete an excision by a laminoplasty of C2 , C3 and C4. Post surgical images show the complete removal of the lesion (FIG 2).

    The patient was discharged after 5 days and sent to rehabilitation. Four months after the surgery, the patient returned to work and has only a slight paresthesia in both hands that does not keep him from his work as a storekeeper, and his instability is virtually eliminated.

    Imagen caso tumoración intramedular